Manager BPS (Grant Thornton)

Verlopen op: 30 mei 2023

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Vacancy: Manager BPS (Business Solutions)

Key Tasks

  • Knows when issues around risk assessment related to a client should be discussed with Risk Management leaders
  • Builds close working relationships with clients to raise service expectations and assess needs
  • Proactively identifies opportunities to sell business services that add value to clients based on understanding the client’s competitive position
  • Demonstrates good interlocutor at the executive level
  • Builds trust with those making the important decisions at the appropriate levels and leverages them in the execution of the assignment
  • Evaluates performance of the team as a whole and provides feedback
  • Takes initiative to develop employees
  • Demonstrates and demands high standards of behavior, quality of performance, credibility and integrity
  • Initiates procedures to improve cost effectiveness of assignment
  • Formulates client service plans to maximize net revenue through combination of services
  • Discusses assignment-related problems and suggests ways to resolve them
  • Proactively monitors and addresses billing and collection issues
  • Initiates product and practice development projects, has own area of focus therein
  • Acquires a sufficient order volume per year
  • Builds own client portfolio under the responsibility of the director or partner
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities with respect to non-assignment related activities


Job Requirements

  • A Bachelor or master’s degree in accounting.
  • You preferably hold a qualification such as AA
  • Minimum 9 years of accounting experience.
  • Excellent analytical and technical skills including proficiency in accounting standards.
  • Ability to work additional hours as needed.
  • Strong written and oral proficiency in Dutch and English is a must.
  • Analytical and numerical approach to problem solving.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Job Category: manager
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bonaire
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