Global Graduate Recruitment Program

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Job Purpose:

The Graduate is part of the Liberty Latin America (LLA) Global Graduate Recruitment Program.
In the role of Graduate for the Dutch Caribbean, the graduate will work on 2 local Commercial project roles within the Dutch Caribbean for the duration of 18 months (approx.), and one Regional assignment of 6 months. The purpose of the 2 year program is to grow and build Commercial talent for the organization, where the program support to accelerate the graduate in competences needed to lead from a Manager role within 2 years.

Important: This Job Description is only a summary of the typical functions of the position, not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of all possible job responsibilities, tasks, and duties. The responsibilities, tasks, and duties of the jobholder might differ from those outlined in the Job Description and that additional duties, as determined and assigned, might become part of the job.

Knowledge & Experience:

Preferred education/ qualifications:

  • Successfully completed a Bachelors Degree or equivalent.

Specific Knowledge & Experience:

  • From 0 to 4 years of previous experience
  • Be willing and available to work in the selected country if placed at the end of the program
  • Be able to travel to other LLA markets should the need arise (Mobility).
  • English Advanced Level (Dutch is desirable)
  • Focus on local candidates in local or international Universities.
  • Project Management skills
  • Analytical skills


  • The graduate will rotate on 3 positions for the duration of 24 months (2*9 and 1*6)
  • The graduate will be working on B2C and B2B projects for the first 18 months within the Region of the Dutch Caribbean
  • The graduate will fulfil 1 Regional assignment within the scope of the broader LLA organization. Base location remains Dutch Caribbean, whereas business travel may be required.
  • The Graduate will work on below projects (to be further finalized, and hence can deviate on elements described below):
    • B2B migration from copper -> fiber. This new network has impact on our customers and the products we are currently providing, mainly in Enterprise and Government. The Graduate will work with the B2B team to make the transition to the new network in a flawless way, gaining and learning a good understanding of our networks & B2B products, experience customer interactions, and gain experience in the usiness to business dynamics
    • B2B commercial mapping. Within Cable & Wireless (CW Business), we have a central B2B operating model providing direction on Products & Services for our B2B customers. Commercial mapping is the localization of our Central direction to be able to sell this to our customers. The graduate will learn what it means to work in a Matrix model, gain further insight in our B2B Product portfolio, and how to commercialize that in order to sell.
    • B2C Channel optimization. At this point in time within DC we use the traditional sales channels to reach our customers. Mainly via our Stores, some D2D activities and via our Telesales teams. In a time of digitalization, it is important to make the move to Web sales. The graduate will work in the project in realizing those plans. The graduate will learn what drives our customers, what products drive B2C, and the importance of a strong multichannel approach in driving sales.
    • Retail experience optimization. The stores in DC (6 in total spread over Curacao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten) are the place where we interact directly with our Customers. As part of our total Customer Experience journey, the projects ensures we create the optimal experience in the stores. The graduate will learn about NPS (Net Promoter Score), what drives our customer experiences, and learn and see the interaction with the customer.
  • Regional projects are to be defined.

Continuous Development

Touchpoints + action learning groups

  • Objectives will be set for each module
  • Manager will be responsible to provide feedback and coaching
  • Learning group is set up in which the Graduates can learn from each other via group intervision


  • A mentor from the function will be assigned at the beginning of the program
  • Graduate will be guided throughout the program, and support to navigate the LLA culture
  • Support on development actions through coaching

Career Development Workshops

  • The LLA Talent team will coordinate quarterly Career development Workshops under the APD plan
  • Help the participant initiate and manage career conversations
  • Understand what development means in LLA
  • Get to know development offering


  • L&D will facilitate learning paths for LLA competencies, such as leadership, EDI, coaching, feedback
  • Once per module
  • The participant is responsible for completing the learning paths in LinkedIn Leaning or Learning Academy 

Leadership Exposure

  • The Manager and Mentor will identify an opportunity for the participant to present the results of one of the projects to the SLT
  • At the end of one of the modules/projects
  • Once during the program

Key Accountabilities:

  • As part of the Commercial team, drive and execute key projects that build value to the organization
  • Take the lead in assigned projects, and collaborate with all stakeholders to make the projects into a success.
  • Deliver on deadlines as formulated and agreed as part of the projects
  • Pro active follow up and ownership on the ‘continuous development parts’.
  • …..

Required critical competencies and behaviors:

1.     Learning Agility:

  • Situational Adaptability: learns quickly when facing new situations, through curiosity and experimentation
  • Manages Ambiguity deals comfortably with ambiguity, handles risks and embraces change

2.     Emotional Intelligence

  • Drives Engagement: Shows a clear connection between people’s motivators and the organizational goals
  • Self Aware: Knows strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and limits and reflects on them

3.     Strategic Agility

  • Manages complexity: Evaluates risks and benefits, different sources of information to find solutions to complex problems
  • Strategic Mindset: Creates competitive and breakthrough strategies that show a clear connection between vision and action

4.     Drive to overachieve

  • Does not take mediocre as the baseline. Has the ability and will to always exceed expectations

5.     Can do mentality

  • Has a positive mindset in achieving goals and in collaborating with others

6.     LLA principles in behaviour and attitude

  • Risk taking: steps up to address difficult issues, says what it needs to be said and is good managing conflict
  • Respectful: gains the confidence and trust of others through honesty, integrity and authenticity
  • Honest: Drives engagement, balances stakeholders and is customer focused when making decisions
  • Hardworking: Plans, aligns and drives results even in tough situations
  • Disciplined: Has situational adaptability and decision quality when facing new challenges
Job Category: graduate
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Curaçao
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